#2065 – jailbreak!

punk ass made an escape! we were watching tv in the common room when he came wandering around the corner by himself. this was about 15 minutes after suitemate dave commented that he was trying to do a jail break, haha.

time for bed – gotta get up early to pee in a cup tomorrow 😛 i did about half of my math homework that’s due tomorrow and said “eh” i’ll finish it tomorrow. maybe i’ll skip out on my rock ‘n roll class to work on it since i’ll have to get up early to do the drug test, and brandon gave me his notes, and jarjar is taking the class with me so it’s not like i won’t know what we did in class…

i ought to take pictures of what this place looks like now that i’ve got my camera back from home. dad gave me a call tonight to congratulate me about the job and said we still have to set a date for my flying lesson. i’ll bring my schedule home with me on friday.