#2060 – out of it

i’m feeling so out of it today. ^^; everything (me, the day, the internet) feels like it’s running slow, though. and i can’t type well at all today either. ^^;; i’m feeling much better than i did at 4 am this morning – after i got back in bed i had some crazy thoughts about punk ass the hamster having a trial about me where the courtroom was full of punk asses, and he was even the judge and the court stenographer. o_o; i know i wasn’t asleep when i thought of that, so that just shows how out of things i was. o_o;;; it reminded me of “the trial” from pink floyd’s “the wall”. especially the “crazy” part. ^_^;;;

classes were ok. we talked about elvis and jerry lee lewis in rock ‘n roll class today. i remembered when i was about 7 or so going to see “honey i shrunk the kids” with my aunt and cousin at the theater and they accidentally had the movie “great balls of fire” showing in that particular auditorium and we saw the first 5 minutes or so of it, so after switching the film they gave everyone free tickets to another movie. can you believe that jerry lee lewis not only was a bigamist, but his third wife was his 13 year old cousin (he was 25 at the time)?? o_o;

i tried to call the lady about my job before classes and after each of my classes (about every 75 minutes) and she either wasn’t in or at least she wasn’t answering her phone. 😛

i want a golden ticket!

time to go to my calculus class in about 15 minutes. i’d rather go to sleep. 😛