#2059 – great start to a day

we had a FRED (fraternity education session) yesterday on barbecue safety, and at this FRED we cooked some hamburgers. i guess mine wasn’t cooked properly or i had some bad beef or something because around 4 am i woke up feeling all nauseous. stumbled to the bathroom and had a case of the shits, but still felt nauseous and i ended up throwing up my hamburger. x_x then as i stumbled back to my bed i had to head back in the bathroom for a case of the shits again ;-; at least i’m feeling much better about it now. when this happened i felt nauseous as soon as i stood up.

i just tried to call the human resources person i tried to call yesterday and last week and the week before that, and guess what? she’s not in! as usual. ;-; this is starting to get aggravating… seems like the best time to catch them is when i’m in class. -_-;