#2057 – broken spine

ok, so i bought this book on ebay the other day…


…and i got it today in the mail. i take it out, all looks well and good…



…until i realize that the book magically converts to a paperback! 😛 the entire book except for the first two and last three pages seperates from the cover!


yeah, this book is “used”, but “used” is a bit of an understatement with this book. 😛 i also discovered today that they actually are selling this edition of the book in the bookstore for a different class.

now, my options are:

at least now i can start my homework XD;; 😛

oh, and i called the lady at verizon wireless about my job around 12:30-1 pm and she didn’t answer! grr! when she called last week she said she’d be in the office that day until 12:30, but it sounded like that was the exception. after all, WHO LEAVES WORK AT 12:30 PM ON A REGULAR BASIS???? -_-; messaged one of my contacts about that and he said she never answers her phone anyways and asked if i left a message. i did, but i’m going to call her tomorrow too. -_-;;

update #1 – email just sent to seller: I just recieved this purchase in the mail today and the textbook is damaged. All of the pages in the hardcover textbook can be removed in one piece from the spine/cover of the book – the auction listing said that the textbook was “used” and did not say that it was damaged in any way, shape, or form, and no defects were listed at all. What can be done to remedy this situation?


Glenn Fitzpatrick