#2056 – private party / reunion ~or~ SWEATDROPS AHOY!!!!

well, that was an interesting night… (dave’s post about the evening)

about a week or so ago one of my pals from high-school (randall) and i were talking and he said he was having a party at his place and it was going to feature some dj from redwood trust there spinning songs, an entire sorority, and the sorority was going to be doing something with sex toys. XD; so i figured why not go, because at the very least i could catch up with him since i hadn’t seen him since high school. i told chris (my big) about it since we were in band together with him and he liked the idea, and he was going to tell another guy (patrick) who was in the band too. the party started tonight at 7.

around 6 i sent chris a message to see if he ever got in touch with patrick, but got no reply. around 6:30 i went over to chris’ apartment on campus to see if he was in and wanted to ride over together, but he wasn’t around, so i ended up calling and leaving a message on his voicemail with the address of the place. i checked to see who else was online on my phone as i went to my car, and since bruno_boy was on i went over to his place and told him all about it and asked if he wanted to go. he decided to come along with me too (which was good because i needed an alligator (see blurb at bottom), hehe).

we got to randall’s place (after going the wrong way on the beltway ^_^;;;) and who did we see there but susan and betsy (gaiadea)!!! we hung out some with randall and susan and betsy, and their friend karen re-introduced herself to me (i met her once at susan and betsy’s place and also when we got our free chairs at ikea). then later in the night this girl sat next to me and was staring at me. i glanced over at her and said hello, and she asked if i remembered her.

me: ????? O_o;; “…well, you do look familiar…”

her: “is your name glenn?”

me: O_O;; “uh, yeah…”

her: “i was your prom date junior year of high school!”

me: “JACQUALYNNE??? that you???? how have you been???” ^__^

that was kind of weird but pretty neat – we hadn’t seen each other at all since junior year, haha.

anyway, later the party turned into a tupperware party with sex toys instead of tupperware. XD;;;;; it was pretty funny though – bunch of crazy stuff like:

girl in charge of party: “ok, everyone, hold out your hands”

everyone: *does as they’re told*

gicop: *pours some syrupy liquid in everyone’s hand* “ok, now rub your hands together… feels pretty warm, doesn’t it?”

everyone: “uh, yeah…”

gicop: “taste it – it tastes like apple-walnut!”

me (to dave): “…it tastes like BURNING!!!”

gicop: “ok, everyone, now rub it on your nipples…”

everyone: o_o; *sticks their hands down their shirts and does as they’re told*

gicop: “feels good, doesn’t it?”

everyone: “but… what does it DO?”

gicop: “it makes your nipples hard for 1 to 24 hours!!!” XD

me & dave: o_o;;;;

yeah, all sorts of stuff like that. XD;; all in all there were around 15 girls there and 10-15 guys. one guy was hilarious because it was his birthday so he wandered around the entire party carrying two bottles of cognac (one empty, the other half-empty) and kept telling people it was his birthday and mumbling to himself whenever the girl in charge passed around stuff and he got it. it was also funny to see him get a phone call and start shouting into his phone, hahahaha…

they also had a party game called “pass the penis” XD;;;;;; everyone got in a circle and had to pass a foot-long dildo to each other using their legs/knees, and whenever the girl in charge of the party blew a whistle whoever had it was out, or if you dropped it you were out too. XD;;;;;;; i got about halfway through the game until jacqualynne tried passing it to me and i dropped it because there wasn’t anything long enough to grab on to. ^_^;

i had had two mike’s hard ice teas throughout the night but i was doing fine after the party when dave and i left around 11:30 or so. it was a bit spooky when we were leaving because apparently someone called the police to complain about the noise. he and two of the people that lived at the apartment were at the doorway talking to each other about how they were going to turn down the noise. as dave and i headed toward the door one of the girls said to us “go on back, this only concerns the people who live here” so i said that we were headed out anyways and they said ok. i’m surprised the policeman let us go, haha – to me it sure would have seemed suspicious these two guys (one wearing fraternity letters) heading out the door as soon as the fuzz shows up. ^_^;

dave and i got back here (going the wrong direction on two different roads by accident again XD;;;), and now i’m typing this up.

betsy is actually heading off to england to be with her boy for 6 months on tuesday (coming back in march) and says that i can come out and visit. PERFECT!!!! ^________^ looks like i have somewhere to plan to go to over winter break. XDD and my hostelling international card i got in japan is good through january. excellent. ^_^

anyway, i guess i had better get ready for bed soon. gotta work at 11 tomorrow… ^_^;

when my dad once went traveling cross-country by various methods (car / hobo on trains / hitchhike / etc) when he was in college, at one part he got a ride from a family that was travelling in a trailer. the father told my dad that he could be the navigator, and the kids in the family thought he said “alligator” so they called my dad the alligator for the rest of his short trip with them