#2054 – stacy's mom

stacy’s mom has got it going on, she’s all i want and i’ve waited for so long.

*koff* i was just listening to that is all, wouldn’t you know… XD my roommate was listening to this song earlier today and it’s kinda catchy, unfortunately, haha…

went home today, then immediately walked downtown to the used cd store and found the belle and sebastian EP of “legal man” (also containing versions of “judy is a dick slap” and “winter wooskie” – neither of which i have heard of or listened to yet – but i REALLY like “legal man” and afaik it’s not on any other cd). besides, the mp3 i had of it cut out with about a minute to go left. 😛

after my walk downtown i went and got my hair cut by suzy (she remembered when zenmetsu went to get his hair dyed there, ahhaha), then i came home for steaks and laundry-doing. mom also got me some sparkling apple cider and candy that i can take back to the dorm too. 😀 😀 😀

i was thinking of going to tower records tonight before going back to the dorm but i was lazy and was sitting around the house watching my saturday night lineup on tv (britcoms and sci-fi shows on public tv), so of course i didn’t make it out of the house – my plan now is to spend the night here check out tower on the way up to the dorm tomorrow.

i’ve got a nifty and inventive way of keeping track of what cds i want to buy or need to get to legalize my downloads – i’ve got an automatic playlist made up on my computer and synchronized on my ipod of my top 500 songs listened to sorted by number of times played. that’s so when i want to hear good music i just queue that playlist up, but it also comes in handy when i can’t make up my mind about what particular album or band to buy songs from – i just go down the list from the top and see which is the highest-ranking song that i don’t legally own and generally move straight down the list (i may skip songs if there’s other things further down i’m in the mood for). i figure if i’ve listened to them often enough to put them at the tops of my list then i owe it to the artist to buy their stuff.

i’m not going to buy all of these tomorrow, but these are the top things i want to remember to keep an eye out for (especially the ones with an “asterkik”!):

* samba soul 70! by various artists (“homenagem a mongo” by som três / “nao vem que nao tem” by wilson simonal)

* samba rock by trio mocotó (“os orixás” / “adelita” / “kibe crú”)

80 years of jazz: 1917 to 1997 by the original dixieland jazz band (“ostrich walk”)

* “new sound of the venezuelan gozadrea” and “arepa 3000” by los amigos invisibles (“cuchi cuchi” / “ponerte en 4” / “SEXY” / etc.)… for some reason says that you can preorder these cds even though i’ve seen them before… o_o; i guess they’re being reissued or something…?

* the complex and audio by blue man group (everything on “the complex” and “rods and cones”)

* made in usa and pizzicato five ’85 by pizzicato five (“twiggy twiggy / twiggy vs james bond” / “audrey hepburn complex”)

*** soundtrack to “the sting” by marvin hamlisch/scott joplin (the ENTIRE soundtrack!!!! the one thing i will DEFINITELY look for there)

* abbey road by the beatles (“maxwell’s silver hammer” / “golden slumbers” / “carry that weight” / “the end”)… if the stores have the same promos that they have online (probably), they’re doing 25% off every cd by each artist that defined their decades, so of course the beatles are included, haha.