#2052 – the grille

ok, so tonight i was going to go to this get-together _dream_believer was putting together, but he didn’t know how many people were going to come, and on my way to the car to go over there i bumped into chris and the girlfriend of one of my friends because a bunch of my brothers were going to this bar in baltimore called “the grille” (first time i’ve seen a website use the .biz tld, heh). since i was pretty hungry and wanted to get some food and see what this place looked like too i went along.

we hung out and sat at the bar there (there’s like two bars seperated by a game-room with pool tables and an air-hockey table… we mostly hung out in the smaller, quieter room). i had this FANTASTIC chicken and crab sandwich, and i couldn’t decide between a guinness (trying new things), or miller lite (cheap and i knew what i was getting into). XD; i was going to get a miller lite since i speculated to chris that the guinness might fill me up too much while i was trying to eat this sandwich, but since he figured that i could handle it i went with that. it wasn’t too bad (like i said, the sandwich was FANTASTIC – it’s called “the bayman’s breast” if you ever go there), and the guinness was guinness-y i guess. i didn’t really mind it, but i’m still getting used to the bitterness of beer – it was weird watching the orioles game on tv and taking a drink and realize that what i was drinking was not coca-cola. XD; i’m not exactly a wino, you know…

the lady that was bartending tonight – stephanie – looked JUST like what petitelady will probably look like in about 4 to 6 years if lauren had a smaller chest and was about 6-8 inches taller. i did a double-take when we first stepped in, that’s how similar she looked. ^_^;

we thought maybe it might be interesting to go back again tomorrow because it’s 1/2 price 16 ounce porterhouse steaks ($8!!!), but then i remembered that i was getting porterhouse steaks for FREE when i go home for dinner tomorrow, hahaha.

we also did karaoke there too, haha – about 6 or so of us got up and did “magic carpet ride”. it was kind of weak, though. oh well. we had fun anyways. ^_^

i need to get my drivers license updated. hm… maybe i’ll do that next friday since i’ll be getting my hair cut tomorrow… ^^