#2050 – smugglers' club

we (brandon, joanna, and myself) just smuggled in brandon’s hamster into the dorm XD joanna brought him and his cage in (all covered in a towel – he’s a ‘science experiment’, haha), brandon brought in his paraphernalia, and i held the doors open. XD this offense needs to be lumped with our importing of other contraband like our microwave. XDD his name is P.A. (short for “punk ass”). brandon says that at least he’s in a plastic cage (he used to run on the wheel all the time at night in his metal cage and the wheel would squeak like crazy), and he’s also made his own lubricant to prevent squeaking out of vaseline and ky jelly. i told him that 9 times out of 10 saying anything about vaseline + ky jelly + hamster = bad news. XDD;;;

they also brought in some candy. hooray!

we worked on our wall of soda cans. we tried to spiff it up but it fell down. i’m thinking of washing out the cans so’s we don’t attract ants, and maybe i’ll rig it up with some hidden duct-tape to prevent it from collapsing… hmm…

tomorrow i’ve got a haircut appointment with suzy (yay XD)! and tomorrow night i’m going to go home for steaks! hooray!