#2047 – snot

i took the little stickers i had on these keys to help me in final cut express since they were falling off anyway, but now they’ve left this little adhesive snot on the keys. ^^;;; yuk. it feels terrible when i type now – i need to get some rubbing alcohol or something to clean it off… ^^;;;;

we got back our quizzes from tuesday in my calculus class today. i didn’t do too bad, ended up getting a 7/10 – i would have had an 8/10 if i wasn’t stupid and fat and made a really stupid mistake that i should have caught. ^_^;; unfortunately for today’s quiz i don’t know how well i did – i was pretty confused about some of the stuff i was trying to do. ^^;; if you want to know how bad i did on it, listen to this: i even got the section that i’m in for the class wrong (you put your name and section at the top – i looked at it and thought “hmm… i think i’m in section 101…” so i wrote that in, but when i looked it up afterwards i saw i’m in 702, lol ^_^;;;;). at least they drop the lowest 5 quizzes. ^_^;; i wasn’t able to turn in my homework for it though since my book hasn’t arrived yet (grr) and there aren’t other editions of the book in the library on the shelf like it says on the catalog online. 😛 i even had a crazy dream last night where there’s a secret top floor of the library called the “DIV” section where they keep all the books they don’t want you to find, lol ^_^;;;;

i went out with bruno_boy, zenmetsu, and pete for dinner. we were going to go to mcdonald’s and dave was going to buy me dinner since i got him some stuff from late-night the other night on my flex dollars, and i convinced pete to buy me apple pies from there for dessert too, but after trying to get dan and pete out the door and find dave’s bank and all sorts of stuff we finally got to a mcdonald’s but it was closed. so we went to a kfc/taco bell but that had just closed too. so we went to another mcdonald’s but that was closed. we ended up going to a taco bell that was still open and i ended up buying my own dinner. ;_; dave still owes me a meal, hehehe.

we watched inu-yasha on tv after getting our food (schoolgirls! XD anaidiana is the best kagome i’ve seen XDD) and i just came back here to watch dan’s copy of mezzoforte before going to bed, but i just realized it was an hour long and i’ve got to be at work at 10 tomorrow. boo hiss. guess i’ll have to watch it after work tomorrow. ^^;;