#2046 – inside information

so i was at my rock’n’roll class today, and turns out one of my fraternity brothers is taking the class with me. my roommate brandon took it last semester too, so he brought me his notes to read through, hehe.

while i was in class i got a voicemail. when i checked it after class i heard something like this:

“hello, glenn, this is lisa white with verizon wireless human resources – give me a call when you get a chance. i’ll be in the office until 12:30 today, so if you can’t call until after then i’ll be in the office all day on monday. hope to hear from you. thanks!”

of course it was 12:45 by the time i heard this message, but i sent a text message to my co-workers that i keep tabs with about this – one said “cool”, and i had this back-and-forth text conversation with the other (who’s a manager):

him: “make sure you call lisa monday… know what i mean?”

me: “i haven’t heard anything back from them in about 2 months… of COURSE i’m going to call them, haha”

him [sic]: “good… did i mention i’m i the store manager meeting? i wonder why know you should call… he he”

in other news, i still haven’t got either of my books i ordered. -_-; the place i ordered my archaeology textbook from said it usually ships in 24-48 hours (i ordered it on sunday, so even though it was a holiday weekend it should have shipped by wednesday). my credit card was charged for it and i got an email (on monday!) that said it was available and shipping, and that i’d get another email when it actually shipped that would have a tracking number. well, since then my credit card has been un-charged and no shipping email. 😛 if i don’t hear from them by tomorrow i’ll give them a call on monday too -_-;; i was thinking about maybe cancelling this order and placing it with instead but then i saw there’s a 10% restocking fee. -_-;;;; grr.

my computer programming class is kind of boring since right now we’re going over the basics which i already did last semester, so i’m skipping out on that class (the notes are online anyway) and i’m going to go with zenmetsu to the bookstore… yay.