#2041 – free food

went home with bruno_boy and we got free dinner and i smuggled sodas home and mom gave me a lightbulb that fits my lava lamp and leftover pizza and leftover stew and candy and i’m pleased. XD

i tinkered with this pc video card i got about 2 years ago and flashed it to work in my mac, and it still doesn’t want to work correctly. oh well.

my nose is hurting me, but only on the left nostril. -_-;; i can’t figure out why either. i also yanked out the hairs in there because i was bored and they annoyed me at the time and it made me sneeze like crazy. ^_^;

we had our formal business meeting tonight for the fraternity. i wish i didn’t have to work 10-3 on wednesday because that’s exactly when involvement fest is. ;-;

got classes tomorrow… first tuesday of classes for me. hooray.

…maybe i’ll try to get up early enough to get breakfast before going to class… hmm….