#2039 – only a frame and a toilet brush

so yesterday stueypark wanted to come on up, so i told him that he and i could go to ikea to use the rest of the store credit i had. went to breakfast while i was waiting for him and got pancakes and eggs and grits but i didn’t see the syrup for the pancakes until i was all done. ;-;

we went up to ikea and went through the whole ikea “experience”, and ended up picking up a poster frame (that SAID that it could hold stuff at 20×28 inches, but i had to fold parts of my poster to get it to fit -_-;;;;) and a toilet brush. 😛

after picking up the stuff and checking out and buying a soda (stu) and a cinnamon bun (me) at the mini-restaurant at the end, the girl i had as my TA for my calculus class over the summer came up to me and we chatted for a few minutes. it’s hard to act sexy with only a frame and a toilet brush in your cart. ^_^; she’s at north carolina now she says, and i told her that too bad she wasn’t doing any more work at umbc because she really helped me out with pre-calculus.

came back here, put my monkey punch poster in the frame (ARG WHY DOES IT NOT FIT WHEN THE FRAME SAID 20×28 I AM UPSET ANGER VIOLENCE SAD KILL ACID REFLUX)… it doesn’t look too bad in there, but i had to fold it around so you couldn’t see parts of it in order to get it to fit. ^^;; i hung that up, and i hung my washington monument picture up using these sticky-back hooks that my RA gave us… the monkey punch poster fell down this morning (but lucky for me it was over my bed and there was enough bedding wedged in between the bed and the wall for it to not fall all the way down), and i think that it should be able to hold the washington monument print (it’s much smaller and lighter), but i hope it doesn’t fall because it’s got a front of glass. ^^;;

i bought books for two of my classes. mom and dad gave me a check for $300 to buy books with, and i was able to find some cheaper than the bookstore… i already had the book for my computer programming class, but i needed this book for my calculus class and this book for my archaeology class. the book for my history of rock ‘n roll class is recommended, not required, so i’m going to get that in about a week or so.

i got the early mesopotamia book from (should get it in the mail in 3-7 days), and was sneaky about getting the calculus book – the professor says that it doesn’t matter if we’re using the 5th edition or if we’ve got the 4th edition. so i saw on’s marketplace someone was selling a softcover version of the 5th edition for $69, and while i was thinking about buying from him i wasn’t sure if it was the teacher’s version (hence the softcover… even though there is a softcover edition of the book apparently) and since he was a new seller i didn’t know how reputable they’d be. so, i turned to ebay, where i was able to get both the textbook and the solution manual for $55 ($63 including shipping) using buy it now. XD i told them that if fedex ground won’t get it here by thursday and they can ship it by fedex express for $15 or less to ship it via fedex express and i’ll pay the difference, otherwise just stick to fedex ground.

we hung out yesterday evening with bruno_boy and zenmetsu and reaver_of_rolls and we went to mcdonald’s for dinner and played videogames and stuff. hooray.

today i’m going home in about half an hour to get dinner and bring my camera for dad to take pictures with, and dave is going to come along too since mom said i could bring a friend to dinner and he’s the first one awake, hehe. we’re going to have:

homemade stew

bread and butter


ice cream!

i may bring my laundry to do, or maybe i won’t. maybe i’ll take a shower there, or maybe not. maybe i can get some snax for the dorm – hopefully i’ll be able to smuggle them out, hehe… i need drinks and munchies.