#2037 – cause a ruckus

after work today i went back to the dorm for a few and then met up with my brothers at their apartment (it’s only a minute’s walk from my room! ^_^) and hung out. we were going to go to the foam party on campus at 8, and chris and john wanted to be roaring drunk when they got there. they were only partway drunk by 8 so they kept on drinking while i went with steve to get dinner and check it out to see what it looked like.

turned out the foam machine broke or something since it was just trickling out, and there were only a few dozen people there, so we reported back that it wasn’t really that great.

peter and i wanted to run out and cause a ruckus (peter – not the pete from earlier posts – wanted to see if he could get the intervarsity christian group people mad at him since they were having a games night in the game-room, so i grabbed my camera to take pictures of a mob running after him, but unfortunately peter didn’t find anyone hard-core enough to upset so no ruckus-causing for us). we ran out and tried to find a few other guys that are good at ruckus-causing, but they weren’t in, so chris came along with us to get some food in the commons. as we were walking across campus we saw a police car sitting next to a turn on a one-way street, and this other car slowly going up the street and around the turn right toward the police car, so the officer switched on his lights and had a long chat with the guy, haha.

we ended up wandering around campus some, and i found a pen on the ground and drew on the inside of my left index finger something that looks like this tattoo, hehehe.

we wandered over to the foam party and chris met up with this drunk lesbian he knows so they went back to her apartment (chris said later that “drunk lesbians and slip and slides are cool”, hehe). i didn’t see anyone there i knew… there was one guy named buzz bud who was from my floor there, but other than that, nobody.

peter and i went back to the apartment (it practically always looks this messy, haha – several guys ran down to the office one right after another and each got a roll of toilet paper, and about a quarter of the rolls ended up on the floor, haha) and made it look like he caused the mess in the picture, then i came back here and sat around.

tomorrow there’s a cookout / volleyball game with a sorority we’ve been invited to, and after that is a water balloon fight. tomorrow night is a party at peter’s place (hooray!). i’m going to have to go home sometime over the weekend (sunday, most likely) to get some things and see if mom and dad will give me money to help pay for books. ^_^;