#2035 – IT

went to my calculus class – i’ll have to get the book for that, but i’ll see if mom and dad can buy my books since i won’t have enough money for even just that one book. o_o; the class was pretty full, but it’s the same professor that i had over the summer for pre-calc, and one girl that’s in the class with me was in the pre-calc class too and we helped each other out some.

afterwards i met up at my fraternity brothers’ apartment and hung out there and watched the last hour or so of “lord of the rings: the two towers”. i got free pizza by doing all the monkey-work – i ordered it and when it arrived i ran down and picked it up from the pizza guy, so i got free eats, hehehe. after that i went over to dave and pete’s apartment with dan and we watched the movie “it” on tv and made fun of it, hehe.

i just finished my midnight oranges an hour late (freshman year dan and pete and i would frequently go down to the lobby and get orange juice at midnight), and now it’s time to go to bed… gotta go to work in the morning at 10…