#2034 – first day

so i’ve gone to all my classes but one so far – my calculus class is starting right now but since that is the meeting with the teacher’s assistant and we haven’t had the actual class yet (that’s at 6:30) i’m not going to that yet.

an overview…

– history of rock and roll (musc 217): looks like a fun class. the professor seems to know what he’s talking about, and everyone that has taken the course that i’ve talked to has said that it’s fun but you have to constantly take notes. he talked about how they used to have guys playing hammond organs at baseball games, but now rock has become so commonplace that you’ll always hear queen’s “we will rock you” and stuff like that. he played for us “heartbreak hotel” by elvis and “bitches ain’t shit’ by dr dre before the class ended. he says it’s a history class just like the history of europe or something like that, except this is all about rock and roll.

– cities of the past (arch 340): has about 36 or so people in the class, and 5/6 of the class is girls, hehe. most of them are ancient studies majors too (surprise surprise). the professor is kind of funny and corny – she said that the class actually has a few classes as prerequisites (which i didn’t see when i was registering), but she said also that some people that take the class do really well without the prerequisites, and some of them do badly without them. it’s up to us if we want to stay, but if we keep coming to class she won’t kick us out, haha.

– computer programming for majors 1 (cmsc 201): i’m glad i took cmsc 104 after not programming for a few years before taking this class. at least we’re using the same book, hehe. it’s taught by this kinda large lady with a sense of humor, and we can go to her lecture or this other lady’s lectures on monday/wednesday – either is fine. it was pretty boring today as all we did was talk about the administrative stuff for the class (and most of that was clarifying the no-cheating stuff :P).

so far the only book i need to get right now is this one. i can’t wait to get my direct deposit tomorrow, but it’ll go right back out because i’ll have to pay for a) book, b) dues, c) bills, d) all of the above. ;-;

at least i don’t have to worry about buying food on campus. HA! HA!