#2033 – first day of class

i’m about to go to my first day of classes in a few minutes. wonder what we’re going to do…?

yesterday stueypark came up and hung out with us on campus. he and zenmetsu and bruno_boy and i went out to circuit city and arundel mills and generally went around and hung out. got stuck in a storm at arundel mills – it’s been really raining like crazy the past few days.

last night one of my roommate’s friends and his girlfriend stopped by for a while. his friend (who is gay) said that he was invited to a gay rodeo. we couldn’t figure out what would be really different between a regular rodeo and a gay rodeo, so we told him to report back in, haha.

sat in my chair last night and used my footstool and watched the orioles lose on tv. 😛

it’s too early to go to class, but i’m too bored sitting here… ^^;;