#2032 – kicked out of sweden

after work today zenmetsu and bruno_boy and pete and i went to the ikea in college park so i could exchange the bookcases for a footstool. dave rode up with me, and pete went with dan. about halfway to the store we got hit with a sudden really bad storm. it was really pouring and apparently the wind was gusting up to 80 mph. cars were pulling off to the side of the road, and the ones that didn’t put on their hazard lights and poked along at ~30 mph. we got there all in one piece, though. some of the traffic lights on the way there were burnt out – you’re supposed to treat a burnt-out traffic light as a 4-way stop, but people were just zooming through. 😛

we got to ikea and i exchanged the bookcases for store credit, and after we started to go through the store and had only been there about 15 minutes or so the lights went out, and when they came back on the fire alarms started buzzing. after about 5 minutes of that they evacuated the building. we decided to go get dinner at a burger king then.

after eating we went back to the store and i got my footstool, and then dave and pete and i came back here because i had a floor meeting at 8 pm. for an icebreaker at the floor meeting we had to take 2 starburst candies (i never say no to free candy!) and depending on the colors you took you had to talk about what you did over the summer, what your plans for the year are, what your plans for the future are, or your favorite food. i talked about what i did over the summer (nothing but work and school :P) and that my favorite food was candy (what else? XD). one of my suitemates said his plan for the year is to rock out and meet ladies. i showed him my “bachelor pad” sign when we got back and we’re going to take a picture of it and print it out and put it on our door so nobody ends up stealing it. 😛 i don’t know how effective it’ll be since our room is at the end of the hallway (only thing past our room is the common area for the floor, and there’s one room across the hall from us), and there are only two girls on our entire floor. oh well. it couldn’t hurt though, hehe.

dave and dan and i went for a walk around campus, but first we went to dan’s place so he could get some eats. while we were hanging out there dave and i came up with a cheezy hi-five move sequence, hehe, and when we were waiting for dan to eat we had this conversation:

me: “let’s find some freshmen and beat them up and take their money!”

dave: “uh.. isn’t that more of a high-school thing to do?”

me: “no, dave… see, this is college! we take their beer money!”

we’re being driven nuts because pete doesn’t want to do a room swap anymore -_-;;; even after he originally agreed to do it, and the rest of us want to. 😛

tomorrow i get to go to work at 11. i can kinda sleep in! hooray!