#2031 – steaks and stools

so today i worked from 9 (ugh) to 4. i was so bored after waking up at 8 and sitting around for half an hour after getting ready that i got to work 15 minutes early even. ^^; at least it wasn’t as busy as yesterday or saturday.

afterwards i met up with zenmetsu (he spent the past few nights at home which was why he wasn’t here when stueypark visited), and we met up with bruno_boy and pete later. after seeing each other’s places i got a call from mom saying that they were going to have steaks at home and would i want any? so i went home and had me some steaks and corn on the cob. ^_^

mom said that we had the bookcases that she and feisty_fitz bought a little while ago (i think for kelly’s dorm) were too big to fit in there, so would i want them or should we return them or what? as soon as she said “return them” i got all excited and they wondered what the fuss was. i told them, so i brought them with me to bring to ikea tomorrow to see if i can exchange these two bookcases for a footstool for my pöang chair. XD i brought in my desk and my chair, and dave and dan and pete and mom helped be bring my stuff in.

just talked with brandon and dave about furnishing the dorm and what other stuff we ought to get in here.

gah, gotta work at 9 am again tomorrow. at least i figured out what was waking me up each morning at 7:30 am (my OTHER alarm – the one on the ipod, which i totally forgot about, haha), so that won’t be bothering me anymore.

my computer is going so slow it seems. i guess it’s partly psychological, since when i last moved in at umbc i had this one and it was practically brand-new. now it’s old and busted (who am i kidding? it’s ALWAYS been the old and busted!), and not the new hotness. i’d get a g5, but i’ve got one word to say about that: POOR.

i guess tomorrow i’ll try calling verizon wireless human resources and see what they say…