#2027 – hey

yo yo, zenmetsu, where you be at? turn your phone on! sheesh, lol.

they gave me a staff card to use until my card is fixed (there’s a few dozen people with similar problems), and they thought they had it fixed twice already tonight, but it still doesn’t work. arrgh. ^^;;

brandon and joanna brought in his tv/vcr combo and a dvd player, and stueypark came up with me today and we watched tv with everyone. we tried to call dan or see him online to pester him, but we couldn’t contact him, hehe.

joanna likes my zebra chair, hehe… i brought that up with my stuff today since it’s much easier to get in and out of my seat with one that swivels. next thing to bring up is my free chair, yay.

i’ve got to be at work at 9 tomorrow, so i’m going to try to get some breakfast in the dining hall beforehand. bet you know what sort of breakfast i’ll be getting… XDDDD