#2024 – still locked out

good news: i’ve got my card that says that i live in harbor hall

bad news: the lady looked at me funny when she saw i had a 5 meal plan and lived in the dorms, so she made me upgrade it so i chose a 10 meal plan. also, apparently getting the card that says i live in harbor hall doesn’t do anything but let people know i live in harbor hall. it doesn’t do anything in the system to let it know that swiping my card is supposed to let me in to the dorm – that, apparently, is handled by… get this… RESIDENTIAL LIFE. surprise, surprise. the lady at the campus card office figured they apparently forgot to put it in their system that i’m in the dorm since that’s why it isn’t working. grrrrrr… >_< looks like i'll have to have someone sneak me in or have my roommate let me in again. ^^;; i might as well just leave the window open and pop the screen off to get through, haha. i had to buy a usb cable for my printer since feisty_fitz stole my cable (well, i let her use mine since i did all my printing to the family’s laser printer, and we didn’t get a cable for her printer when we got her computer). oh well. i need to pick up my printer from home when i go home to get more stuff today. like my printer. and maybe a 40 watt appliance bulb if i can find one, since my lava lamp either burnt out or broke its insides. ;_; the cats knocked it over the other night when they kept chasing each other around the house while i was trying to get some sleep before move-in – they kept me awake for so long, and just after i had been asleep for about 30-40 minutes they go running ON TOP OF ME and scratch my chest up through the blankets. -_-; but now i’ve got two scratches on my chest right there in the middle, and it looks kind of neat, i guess, as if i had a run-in with a swashbuckler and ran him through after being assaulted with sharp objects, haha… at least the lava part of the lamp didn’t break when it fell over (it was on the carpeted floor, but when i woke up it was tipped over but the lava part of the lamp was wedged between the lamp and the wall.

at least there’s no rush of people in the bookstore today. and i’m focused right now! i’m focused! focused on what? TEH HAWT CHIX. like you had to ask. XD