#2023 – starving

well, now that i’m in and mostly situated, time to recount my move-in:

got to campus around 8:40, and they gave me a parking permit until 9. went through check-in, got my key. rené (pete’s girlfriend) saw me and convinced me to sign up for something or other (some housing involvement thing where we do stuff like go on trips to places, lol), and she showed me where my room was. i think she said that she lived on this wing last year? something like that. sign-in took 11 minutes, and since the permit was only for 20 minutes before they gave you a warning, i quickly brought in all my stuff and finished up shortly after 9. didn’t get any warnings though.

once everything was in i rearranged the room, so i moved my bed to where the desk was, and moved the desk to where the bed was, so now i’ve got this little corner i sit in next to the window. the room is on the ground floor, but it’s right opposite the child-care center on campus 😛 i hope they don’t wake me up early, hehehe.

i’ll have to take pictures of the room later.

work was swamped. hopefully tomorrow will have nobody coming in the bookstore.

i’m starving – the campus card department was closed after i got off of work. so until i get the card (hopefully they’ll be open tomorrow!) i can’t get food and i can’t let myself in the dorm. ^_^;;

i met one of the other suitemates – david – when i got back from work. he seems like a nice guy too. i met my roommate brandon before i went off to work. there’s just one guy left i need to meet, but i haven’t seen him at all, and it looks like he hasn’t moved in yet. while it’ll be great if the roomswap works out, so far i won’t be upset if i have to stay as we seem to get along pretty well.

i’m going to head home to get some eats, and i guess i’ll be getting bruno_boy from his house to go to mouse_the_drunk and leahkitty‘s party… we’ll see how things work out, ‘cos i’m still getting situated in here.