#2017 – inept

ok, so we (zenmetsu, bruno_boy, pete, and i) go to residential life today to see where a) i’m supposed to be, and b) how to get us all together in an apartment (like we’ve been trying since DAY ONE*).

well, it turns out that dave and pete are in the same apartment together with two guys none of us knows, and dan’s in one of the apartments with 3 guys none of us know (but we already knew that). i showed them the result (it only had my info and nothing about who my roommates would be or where i’d be) i got on the site when i tried to look up my housing info online, and some lady in the back looked that up. she came out with my info, and apparently i’m stuck in harbor hall with 3 guys i don’t know. i asked why i was put in harbor hall when i’ve been billed for westhill apartments, and they said something about billing people that might be put in the apartments to hold the bill just in case they’re put there? i’m not sure, i didn’t really understand it… dave thought it might be so if i was put in the apartments then they don’t have to do the paperwork for it again.

i don’t know why they split up dan and i. they said that the best thing to probably do would be a room swap, but we don’t know how easy it would be to get all four of us into an apartment at once. they said that maybe if we can convince either dave and pete’s roommates or dan’s 3 roommates to get out (that might be easier, since dan says he’s been emailing back and forth with the other guys and none of them know each other), things might be easier. in any case, we have to talk to our community directors about how to set up a room swap.

dan told the lady at res life how he really wanted to be with people he knows because of his diabetic-ness, and pete kept saying “but you might like these guys, you don’t know who they are, they might be cool!” i made faces at pete to get him to shut up, haha. dave agreed with dave because each time he’s had roommates it’s been a bad experience.

at one part the lady had to stop to answer phones. i didn’t have a problem with that as that was her job. what i did have a problem with was how she started PLAYING GAMES ON HER COMPUTER as she was talking to the person on the phone, meaning SHE WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO WHOEVER WAS CALLING. and as we were talking to her, she interrupted at one part with a “good luck”, but said it in a tone like she wanted to get rid of us. -_-;;

so now i’m moving in to the dorms (harbor hall), and nothing against the guys i’ll have as roommates there, but i’m going to be trying to get out of there asap. my move-in date is saturday from 8 am – noon, but i’ve got to work at 10, so i’ll have to get there extra-early to get things moved in. ^^;;;; i’ll talk to my boss tomorrow and see if i can come in a little late… ^_^;;;

* when we applied, dave and pete put each other and dan and myself on their forms as requested roommates, but since dan and i were contracting, and pete and dave were recontracting, that put us at two different levels of priority for housing, so they scratched our names off their sheets (but on dave’s sheet, this guy who was the head of residential life – if what i remember dave said correctly – wrote our names on a seperate part on the sheet). we asked then how best to get us all into housing together, and they said to write a letter saying we all wanted to room together, put all our social security numbers on there, and have us all sign it, so that’s what we did. then when dan and i were applying we put each other on our sheets to say we wanted to room together. so since we did everything like they said to, we had thought we’d be put together at some point and time.