#2015 – pizzicato five

stueypark and i went to zenmetsu‘s place earlier tonight so stu could finish his music video / parody thingy, or as i called it in my away message: “oot and aboot… with starut… woot.”

we went to columbia mall with dan’s brother to get eats. i had found a dime in dan’s car and pretended i was in the mafia and flipped the coin trying to catch it, but it landed on my lap.

stu: “so, mafia guys flip coins and get them to land on their crotch?”

me: *flips it again, inspects it* “… it came up heads.” ^_^;

we realized that either way it would have had innuendo… when you’re talking about your crotch, and mentioning it come up “heads” or “tails”, well, neither one is that great. ^_^;;

i’ve got some music video ideas, but either i’ve got the song and need the anime, or got the anime and need a song. *sigh* there’s a few i can actually start working on, but i’m too lazy. ^^;;

i want to get more cds by pizzicato five.

leahkitty unfriended me. *is confused why* ^^; allow me to follow this with several question marks: ?????

tomorrow dan, dave, pete, and myself get to yell at reslife about our housing. i get to yell the most as i don’t know where i’m supposed to be at all. XD; we’re meeting at umbc at noon. showdown!

“happy sad”, pizzicato five (5.9 MB)