#2014 – we love you back

yesterday feisty_fitz and anne and dad and i went to the frame store, so i got a frame for my print of the washington monument with cherry blossoms. i need to go back sometime as i’ve got 3 or 4 other things that i need to get framed. we also went to my old store and got kelly a cellphone too.

the guy that bought my keyboard sent me the money including shipping. ^^;; he didn’t have to do that! haha… i guess i’ll send him an email offering to refund him his shipping… ^_^;; sheesh, i try to do something nice and things get confusing, lol

today has not been especially exciting. i went to work, and that was about it. there was one girl that was in the store who i helped out with printing out stuff from her account. we talked some and she was rather nice. she was wearing this dress that wrapped around her body, and on the left side of the dress instead of being sewn together like any normal dress, it laced up from top to bottom along that entire side, with about a 3 inch gap held together only with the lacing going up the entire left side. i did a double-take when i first saw it, haha. ^_^;