#2013 – bunch of random trains of thought in the station

well, i got my parking permit for school in the mail today, but nothing from reslife yet. -_-;;

i know i haven’t mentioned it, but i know feisty_fitz has – we’ve got new sofa cushions for our couch about a week or so ago. they’re nice, but they’re not as soft (the other ones have had about 30 years’ worth of “tenderizing”, haha).

i was just talking with bruno_boy about how i’ve got a playlist set up to keep track of my 500 most played songs. can you believe that the “bonanza theme by frank zappa” (#8, 14 plays) beats out both ac/dc songs “back in black” (#13, 12 plays) and “rock and roll ain’t noise pollution” (#20, 11 plays)??? what’s at #1? “the saber dance” from gayane, of course! (23 plays!)

oh, if you haven’t seen the fan parody “evangelion: redeath”, in it gendo is a pimp, and he has his own theme song. i told vampiricangel that there should be a version that goes “IT’S GLENN-DO” XDDDD

i sold both my premeire upgrade set and my keyboard for my handspring on ebay. $105 total, not including shipping. ^_^ the guy who won the keyboard sent me a email ahead of time…

You probably figured that I’m new to this whole ebay thing — I didn’t see the other listings for $20 and under until after I began bidding. Oh well, a relatively inexpensive lesson. (I also bid on a second keyboard and got it for just under $14).

Since I will most likely win this auction I just wanted to say thanks for posting and I’ll use PayPal tomorrow night when I get the “You Won” email.

Nice doing business with you. Next time I’ll be a little more E-bay savvy and not give away the farm! (-:


at the time (and when it ended) the auction was up to $36, so i sent him a reply…

At least you got two of the same thing, instead of doing what I did with my first auction and bought something on laserdisc when I meant to get it on VHS, haha. 😉 At least you can use both, and now you’ll have a spare! Or you can just keep one and sell the other! 🙂

Thanks for bidding – if you do end up winning (still got about 12 hours left for someone else to jump in, so there’s still hope someone might bid at the last minute), I’ll give you free shipping (if you’re in the US, of course). 🙂

Welcome to Ebay!

– Glenn Fitzpatrick

i reasoned that 1) it’s one of his first auctions, since he’s got 0 feedback and the “new member” icon, 2) i made a mistake on my first auction too, 3) if he didn’t make the mistake, it might not have gone up as high as $36 as it did, so i figured why not give him free shipping for it? poor guy is already getting two keyboards for himself, hehe. it’s a nice welcome to ebay present, hehe, and gets me some goodwill. ^_^

i like doing my own customer service for my “business”, hahaha… now if i only had stuff that i could sell on ebay on a regular basis as a business i think i’d enjoy that.

this keyboard squeeks occasionally o_o; i certainly get my use out of it, hehe.

i renewed my lj account for another year with some of my ebay funds i made – it was ending in just over a week. ^_^;;

i talked some with bruno_boy today about my visit with emily the other day, and i think i’ve got it figured out what made me feel especially uncomfortable. i wouldn’t mind staying just friends and seeing what happens, but she seemed to be reading a lot into what little relationship we had so far. for example: we were leaving the place we all were staying at to go for a walk along the beach, and on the way out the door she said she was cold so i gave her a hug to warm up, and next thing i know we’re holding hands. the next day i was lying on the beach reading my book, minding my own business, as she’s lying down on her mat in the sun, and then she reaches out and holds my hand. and later she stands up and tells me to scoot over on my towel where i’m lying in the sun so she can lay down next to me, and then she starts kissing me some (i go along with it), but then even though she instigated it she says to me that she’s surprised i’m moving as fast as i am. o_o each time she said that, i thought in my head “you’re the one starting this, and you’re saying i’m moving fast??”

so i figured that might have been a misinterpretation of what she meant. but when i got back and talked to her online and told her how i felt awkward how she said that this meant we were “together” (her word), she said that she agrees, and then she said:

I think we should consider ourselves friends… but friends dating.

now that’s where he and i both say it’s time to take a step back, and where i think she’s starting to read too much into it so far. to me, there’s “friends”, and then there’s “dating”. there’s no two ways about it. if anything, “friends dating” is the same to me as “together”.

she wants to get together again, and i wouldn’t mind being friends, but i’m not sure if i’m ready to see her again quite yet. ^^;;

“sofa no. 1”, frank zappa (3.2 MB)

“bonanza theme”, frank zappa (905k)

“back in black”, ac/dc (4.9 MB)

“rock and roll ain’t noise pollution”, ac/dc (5.1 MB)

“gayane act III scene 7: expiation sabre dance (suite no. 1)”, aram khachaturian (2.7 MB)