#2010 – eclectic

well, i’m glad i was able to get some things figured out with emily. she thought things were a bit awkward too when i said how i wasn’t ready to declare us “together”, and she said that we should consider ourselves “friends dating” (whatever that means). i said let’s keep it just friends for now and see what happens. she wants to get together again sometime soon though, but i’m still not sure yet… i’m feeling a bit more comfortable now about declaring myself comfortable in my single-status (but i certainly won’t complain about having friends of the female persuasion, hehe – don’t know who persuaded them to be female, though, but anyway… hehe)

tomorrow i have no school and no work. we’ll probably be getting feisty_fitz a cellphone. maybe i can convince them to buy me a new phone since mine is acting up, hehe ^_^; then again, if i wait another 3 months or so i get a $100 credit for a free phone (but some of my pals at the kiosk say they’ll hook me up, hehe). since i don’t have any plans or have to go anywhere during the day i’m going to start getting stuff ready for move-in and do a little bit of reading and work on getting a buffer for my comic. ^_^;;

i’ve been listening to some internet radio streams tonight – i found this one with a station called “secret agent”, with a bunch of spy-ish songs. in between two songs i heard them play part of one of the tracks from “the conet project”, haha…

ebay auctions got ~ 14 to 22 hours to go. made $87 so far ^_^

i made a post in earlier today… only check it out if getting sick and/or dog-tainted tasty-cakes don’t turn your stomach. if they do, then here’s a short story for you about tasty-cakes:

once my dad and his friend mike miller and i and kelly went camping, and we had tasty-cake coffeecakes for breakfast. mike miller was eating his and said “hm! this is a tasty cake!”, thought for a second, looked at the wrapper, and exclaimed “hey! it is a tasty-cake!”

the end.

oh! and congratulations leahkitty and mouse_the_drunk! ^_^