#2008 – left side of left leg sunburned

meeting emily at the beach was kinda fun, but i’ve got a lot of thinking to write out.

basically it boils down to me having some reservations about her declaring us “together” – while emily’s a nice girl and all, it still was a bit awkward for me since this is practically the first time i’ve met her, and i’m not sure if i’m quite ready for the dating scene right now with the stack of other things i’ve got myself busy with. heh.

i don’t want to sound selfish or anything, but i’m generally doing fine looking out for myself and not having to worry about anyone else. it’s just that i’ve been doing that for so long that it’s a little uncomfortable changing the way i think. ^_^;

but anyway, bedtime, and better post for tomorrow once i’ve thought things out some more, i guess.

at least i’ve got a better tan now (except for the left side of my left leg from the kneecap down being sunburned :P), and i read through 5 or so chapters in “you gotta have wa” while lying on the beach, and i waded in the water up to my waist (it was freezing :P), and i really have to hand it to my ipod: listened to it all the way to the beach, and about a half hour at the beach, and all the way home from the beach, and the battery conked out just as i was pulling into annapolis, haha.