#2006 – can't afford no shoes

i need to get a new pair of sneakers. these are starting to cramp my feet, and there’s no tread left on lots of the sole (not surprising, since i’ve had this pair for years, years i say!). i’m too poor to get a new pair of shoes… i guess you could say that i can’t afford no shoes. ha! i made a funny!

speaking of frank zappa, on the way home from seeing the band play the 1812 overture WITH NO CANNONS i passed a car that was blasting “bobby brown goes down”, which isn’t exactly the most family-friendly song, haha. 😛

work was pretty slow today – i guess it’s a break between the people who bought their computers last week to have them delivered in time for move-in, and the people that figure “eh, i’ll go to the bookstore to get a computer on move-in day since i’ll be there anyways.” sold 4 systems, though, and spent most of my time poking on the internet and fixing up an imac that some bigwig’s daughter had screwed up majorly so she couldn’t use it anymore.

i had a dream the other day that i went to visit haven house and aeire and i drove off to home depot to buy stuff. that’s all i remember, though, other than the house having an oversized port-a-potty in the front yard. o_o; maybe we were going to fix the toilets? haha… ^_^;

time to pack up to go to the beach and hang out with emily. i’m feeling lazy about packing, but then i think “hey, pack up fast and you can see womens faster!”. but then i feel lazy again, and check my friends page and see nobody’s updated recently and get bored because i want you guys to entertain me, so i get lazy again because i’m not entertained. yeah, i’m stupid. ^^;;

i hope it doesn’t rain much / at all at the beach… 😛

“can’t afford no shoes”, frank zappa (3.2 MB)