#2005 – for that boiled octopus feeling

i had one of my cup noodles tonight, and when i was going to take a shower i figured “why not take a hot bath like when i went to the public bath in japan?”

so i filled up the tub with hot water, and when i tried to step in… i couldn’t. it was too hot. the public bath i had gone to was hotter, though, and i had sat in that up to my neck. i wussed out and ended up having to put in some cold water in this one to make it cool enough. ^_^;;

it still felt very good… i soaked for a while, but after that when i shampooed my hair and got the water all soapy i rubbed my eyes and got soap-water in my eyes and it burned, so i turned on the showerhead to rinse off with, and since it was on freezing cold water for cooling down the bath i started jumping around in the shower because it was a really really cold shower that hurt because it was so cold (i probably deserved it, though, haha :P). took me a minute or two to manuever around the spray to keep from getting frozen, haha…

i feel much better now, but i don’t have that “boiled-octopus” feeling… that japanese bath was HOT. you’d think that japanese people have skin made of asbestos or something!

i bought some songs by jimmy durante earlier today, and in both of them he talks about “proboscis“, hehe… one of them (the one i’m listening to when i started this post, actually) has both durante and bob hope singing how they’re “the boys with the proboscis”, hehe. neither song has durante talking about his “schnozzola” or saying “hot-cha-cha” (random glenn note – when i was really little, mom used to say to me “how does jimmy durante go?” and i would say “hot-cha-cha!”, hehehe), though. so disappointing. ;_;