#2001 – movie title goes here

because of the events of the past few days, and because this is post #2001, i couldn’t decide whether to name this entry:

– 2001: a glenny odyssey


– indiana glenny and the asian grocery stores of dooooomm!!!!

or something else movie-related. *shrug*

anyway, lemme see… tuesday… tuesday… oh yeah…

i went downtown to the free concert put on by the navy academy bands where they’re supposed to end with the 1812 overture with REAL CANNON FIRE. zenmetsu came down to visit to show us his red hair, and so he found me down there and then he and i found stueypark, so we three sat in the navy academy where the cannon was supposed to arrive and sat and watched the band and talked anime stuff. we couldn’t really see the band, but we could hear it not too bad. well, just before the 1812 overture the governor’s yacht pulled into its slip in between us and the band so we had trouble hearing it, but it still wasn’t too bad. but by this time it was too late for the cannon since it hadn’t arrived yet and they were already in the middle of the overture, so the ambulance and the firetruck that were there for the cannon that never arrived left. very disappointing. ;_;

wednesday i went to work… it was kind of slow, didn’t do much but poke around on the computer and install updates on the demo pcs. ๐Ÿ˜› nothing special happened other than meeting a little kid named “glenn” (spelled correctly too!) and a guy named “fitzpatrick”, hehe.

after work i went in search of the japanese grocery stores in search of APPLE FANTA. i went to three different stores that i had searched out ahead of time, and nobody had it! ๐Ÿ˜› i did get a ranmue drink (it has a marble in the bottle! how neat is that?), pocky (‘natch), and cup noodles (the GOOD kind, none of these crummy US versions!). no apple fantas at all though. ;_; next stop is there might have been a store in one shopping plaza i passed, and gotta check the asian markets on route 40, and maybe check chinatown too. hm.

today was my last japanese class and my japanese final. i don’t think i did too bad on it. the reading last night was kind of funny… it talked about japanese gangs and how the police were practially buddies with the gangsters and called each other by their names, and would just settle fighting gang members down until gang bosses could come by to straighten things out. other things it mentioned about crime were pretty funny too… one guy saw a burgler in his house so he commanded him to sit there until the police arrived, and there was a picture of a poster put up by the tokyo metropolitan police office titled “DO YOU KNOW HOW YOUR CHILDREN DRESS?”, and at the very bottom it said “this illustration and list is from a police brochure on how to tell a juvenile deliquent when you see one”, hehehehe…

tonight we went to the movies to see “pirates of the caribbean”. very good movie. ^_^ mom was just watching “queer eye for the straight guy” on tv now, and it looks kinda neat and pretty funny at the same time, lol.

shortieterp and i were going to go to the o’s game tomorrow, but she can’t make it. i was going to go by myself then, but turns out that the only seats i can afford are in the upper deck and standing room only, so what i might do is go in mid-september so i can get better seats. not sure yet, going to see how much my paycheck is for when it’s direct-deposited, heh. it’s the yankees! i’ve got to go to give them a good booing! and since hideki matsui is playing for them, i can shout stuff in japanese at him! like ใ ใ‚ใงใ™ใ‚ˆ๏ผ he’s a nice guy and all, and a good baseball player, but he’s a yankee! inexcusable!!

i saw about the power failure online earlier before the movie, and it looks like power is still out. how crazy is that? it’s really odd to see new york city with no lights… bet they can see the stars really well tonight, though…