#2000 – the big two thousand

so this is post #2000. fantastic. ^_^

today i went to my japanese culture class and we talked about food. after the class people were going to go to this japanese steakhouse to eat but since i didn’t have money for that i didn’t go. i still got food though, because sensei and the japanese lady in the class brought some food. it wasn’t much though – sensei brought her rice cooker and made sushi rice in class, and she and the japanese lady brought things to have with the rice like pickled ginger and square sheets of dried nori (seaweed… or “japanese carbon paper” as sensei calls it sometimes, hehe). they passed out disposable chopsticks at the beginning of class, so i used my WANG to eat. (hahaha, i’m 12 years old…). i ended up having some riceballs with nori and it was pretty good. i had some when i was in japan, and seaweed isn’t that bad. yum yum. i had this song stuck in my head during the rest of the class, though. ^_^;;

sensei even passed out instructions on how to make sushi rice at home, hehe. i talked with two of the guys in my class that i had bumped into at otakon, and this girl that was sitting with us in class told them to keep an eye on グリシさん when they go to the restaurant since we weren’t going and see how much rice he eats since he went back 3 or so times with just the little bit of rice we had in class, hehe.

we also talked about whale hunting and how japan wants to hunt whales for food, and people around the world are mad at them for wanting to do that. personally i’ve got no problem with that as long as it’s not an endangered species that they’re hunting. when we saw a pic of whale jerky in class, one guy i sit with said that he wouldn’t mind giving that a try, and i remembered how i had the contact information for the mother of the lady that helped me in japan, and how she was in a cooking club, hehe. i told him that if he ever wanted to get in touch with someone who might be able to help him out to let me know, hehehe…

still no information in the mail about housing for the fall yet… ^_^;;;