#1996 – otakon 03

ok, well, this won’t be much of a con report, just the main bits…

– i love just seeing everyone’s costumes. my arm was a big hit – tons of people took pictures of me wearing it, or at the very least say either “AWESOME! I LOVE FLCL!!” or “…why do you have a giant blob growing out of your head?” (i’d ask those that asked something like the second question if they’ve seen FLCL at all, and then either they immediately got the reference or they would say no, so i would tell them that they wouldn’t understand then.) a few dealers in the dealers’ room saw me and talked to me about it and took pictures of me elsewhere during the con, or they and a few other con-goers “interviewed” me with their video cameras about why i had a giant robot arm sticking out of my head. when i passed by the anime gamers / synch-point / broccoli booth they really liked my cosplay, so they gave me a P! sticker, and invited me to their panel so they could take pictures of me wearing the arm and send it to the director of the series (!!!!) (what’s up with people making different anime series and seeing me cosplaying their stuff?? ^_^) hopefully they’ll put it up on their site or something… ^_^ i went as lupin on saturday, but only 3 or so people took my picture, as opposed to the tons and tons that were intrigued by my naota / kanti costume. they also gave me another P! sticker or two at the panel, so now i need to get me a vespa to put it on… ~_^

– the music video / cosplay were great. i’m noticing that a lot more videos in the amv contest are using special effects, but now they’re using them intelligently. except for vicbond, that is 😛 his style is more of toss-a-bunch-of-effects-at-lots-of-clips-at-once, and while it’s not bad for a 30 second commercial, it starts to get very annoying very fast. there’s other reasons why i don’t really care for him, but that’s my biggest reason for not liking him amv technical-skill-wise. overall the videos were great (the action ones were ok, the upbeat and comedy ones were fantastic and made voting for my favorite EXTREMELY hard… how can you make up your mind between two videos, one using 69 different anime and set to “it’s tricky” by run dmc, and another using trigun set to “ice ice baby 2001”??). the cosplay was really good too – my favorites that i can remember were the super smash brothers fight, the lady as priss singing, the pac-man homage, cid highwind telling things how they are, and the guy as a chocobo rocking out on his guitar on stage. i left after the cosplay while the judges figured out who should win, and jesidres told me that during the intermission they apparently showed a video of different things that happened during the con, and one of the things that they showed was me walking around in costume with my giant arm and lots of people recognized it, hehe ^_^

– i got to meet up with bryan wong in the artists alley and bought a copy of his comic book off of him – it’s really well done! ^_^ i got him to give me another sketch for my sketchbook… i don’t really like telling people what to draw for me – i like seeing what they think up to do ^_^;;; also found paigeyiscrazey and stepfordgirl in the alley too and talked to them for a while, and also investigated some of the exhibits in the art show.

– i didn’t get anything in the dealers’ room as i was BROKE. “davers” is going to be paid by me later for the hotel (eric / “generic eric” / “GER” stayed with us and that brought down the price for the hotel from $60 to $50, hooray – here he is on the left with our friend william on the right). the only thing i bought was that comic book, but i did bring along the cowboy bebop character collection book i bought two years ago (wow, i got it for $28? apparently they were selling it this year for $40!) and i had forgot to bring it along that time, so i made sure to have it with me this time! i got him to sign in my sketchbook too, but he didn’t draw anything (he drew the smiley-face that people saw when ed hacked into their computers, but didn’t do anything in mine… *sniff* ;-;). i saw ginnyseta as faye and her boyfriend monty as vash on friday night, and then again on saturday in line for the autographs. ^_^

– i was this close to getting a free t-shirt tossed out at the ADV booth for catching a cd of their trailers they tossed out (if you caught it before it hit the ground you got a free shirt). i almost had it… and then it fell down my legs and so i was grasping at it and it landed on the floor. ^^;; at one part i tossed my arms up in the air to get another and hit my giant arm off my head and almost took out two or three people with it ^_^;;

some guy today was passing out kazoos, so i took one and put my hat on the ground upside down and kazoo’d out some anime themes. soon a guy dressed as jigen from lupin the 3rd came by so i started kazoo’ing the lupin the 3rd theme song, and we formed an impromptu band and moved over to where there was foot traffic and tried to play for tips, but nobody paid up (unless you count getting a hug as payment?). while we played, one of the japanese guests (i’m not sure who, but from looking at the pics and the lack of pics in the booklet it’s probably either yoshiaki iwasaki, itsuro kawasaki, or tsukasa kotobuki – in any case, he had a little goatee? sound like someone you might have seen? GLENN FROM THE FUTURE – 6/18/04: i’m almost CERTAIN it was tsukasa kotobuki from seeing the picture of him!) ran up to us with his camera and shouted “KAZOO!!! KAZOO!!!” as he took pictures of us playing and ran off again. i said to jigen that if we ever meet again we can have a reunion concert, and we shouted “KAZOO POWER!!” before i went.

our playlist (in no particular order):

themes to “neon genesis evangelion”, “excel saga”, “cowboy bebop”, “lupin the 3rd”, and the super mario brothers main and underworld themes.

we i went to the art show and found some pretty cool things in there (like the GIGANTIC FLCL PRINT, an airbrushed lupin the 3rd shirt, and a few prints of yuna from final fantasy). nobody else wanted to go when i told them to (we ended up going this morning when nobody was being let into the show because the auction was going on :P), so i drew a comic while we hung out in the game room. eric and i had walked around eariler with signs we had made (his said “I HAVE A SIGN!!!” while mine said “EVERYTHING IS A-OK”)… while we were in the game room, william and i saw this girl that had fallen asleep on a table in there, so he made a sign that said “DO NOT DISTURB” and put it on her, and i put my “A-OK” sign next to her. when she woke up and saw them she looked confused, hehehehe. i made a few other minicomics/random drawings that i need to take pics of and put up too…

overall it was a very fun convention. we’ve got a “secret” plan we want to try to do for katsucon. anybody going there that might be interested in helping out? let me know. ^_^