#1995 – the pros and cons of floods

back from otakon, details and pics and infos later.

the basement flooded BAD while i was away, and so my room got soaked and now everything’s up off the floor and my clothes were put in the wash, but some of the stuff i had in there on the floor got ruined / soaked so i gotta inspect to see what’s what. feels kinda awkward coming in and seeing all your stuff moved around. o_o;;

besides zenmetsu, stueypark, reaver_of_rolls, and dan’s brother “davers”…

people i planned to see that i saw: ginnyseta, jesidres, paigeyiscrazey, petitelady, stepfordgirl, woap

people i saw there that i didn’t expect / plan to see: k43ru, leahkitty, mouse_the_drunk, somelady, (and even though she’s not listed as a friend) angelic_minx

people i knew would be there that i didn’t see: anaidiana, jibakushounen (we talked on the phone, so that half-counts), maeka, xyloart

time to inspect the damages. ^^;;