#1994 – rock out

had a bunch of things to get together / done before the weekend that it’s too late to head out to my aunt and uncle’s place, so i’m waiting until just after 10 to head out to dan’s store to get there just before 11. ^^;;

i’m working on converting some of my old high school’s tapes of our band to digital formats on the computer. one of my friends is a recording engineer major, so he’s working on taking out the hiss from the recordings – maybe he and i will go to the school one day and borrow the original minidiscs from the band directors to make the recordings from those.

i was thinking the other day of people (both famous and not-famous) who have rocked out. here’s my list:

#1 – john hudson, one of the percussion guys in the school band in high school. we played some song, if i remember right, it was “symphony no. 2, first movement” by john barnes chance. the song starts slow, but from a quarter of the way in the song it builds up so at the very end it’s really powerful. we were doing a huge finish, and he hit the tympani so hard that his drumstick broke on the very very last note of the song, flew through the air, and landed on the floor. so the audience in the gymnasium we were playing in heard this:

***BBBRRRRROOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!*** *clickclickclick…*

he started crying later i heard because he had a big audition later that day and wondering what would he use for his audition if his stick was broken.

#2 – the beatles. they defined rock and roll, and the innovations they came up with were great. ’nuff said.

#3 – the drummer for the preservation hall jazz band. this guy was kinda large and sleepy-looking, but when he played his solo during “when the saints go marching in” at the end of their set he was SO AMAZINGLY HARDCORE that one of his cymbals flew off his drumset and one of the other guys had to retrieve it.

#4 – pink floyd. they maid “dark side of the moon” (the amount of time that album has been on the charts is ridiculous, and this is from about 2 years ago!), and “the wall”. they’re the only band that i think puts out a good album-oriented production. ’nuff said.

#5 – the flaming lips. they’re the only group i know of who made (or for that matter COULD make) an album that has a warning label on it. other than maybe “disaster area” from HHGTTG, and they kinda exist, but not really.

there’s probably more i can think of, but now time to head to dan’s. see you sunday.

“symphony no. 2, first movement” by john barnes chance, dematha high school wind ensemble (8.6 MB)