#1993 – rushed

i’ve been feeling rather rushed lately. i wish that i had more time to just sit around and get stuff i wanted to do done. grr. like reading – i want to read some books i’ve got, but i’ve got all this other stuff to keep tabs on that i don’t get a chance to read. it’s stuff like that. also commenting… i’ve wanted to leave comments on lots of posts i’ve seen recently, but i’ve been too busy to go back and do so. ^_^;

yesterday i went to work, nothing special. accidentally stabbed myself in the thumb with a staple when i only got half of a staple on the paper and tried to pull it off with my hand. ^_^;; this guy came in with his palm zire 71 and showed it to me, and it looks really nice. if i had the money i’d buy it. i’d buy a lot of things if i had the money. stupid job that pays only half my old pay at half the old hours, which means i’m making a QUARTER of what i used to. -_-;;

stopped off at the kiosk that i used to work at to see my coworkers and pay off part of my bill, and we talked for about an hour about how things have been going. i should call lawrence back one of these days since he hasn’t called me back to say if he’s found out anything from HR. i poked my head into hot topic to see if paigeyiscrazey was working, but didn’t see her and had to get going anyways.

mom and dad saw my arm for my cosplay yesterday and i explained how i had been painting it that day and that it was still a little tacky. dad saw how it looked and how big it was and said “‘A LITTLE TACKY’?????”, hehe.

i didn’t bother doing my japanese stuff last night since i was so pooped from doing other stuff. i’ve turned in all the other stuff and haven’t done bad, so i figure i’ve got some leeway. ^_^;

today i had my japan class… we talked about leisure in japan, and how you shouldn’t go skiing because if you’re terrible you’ll crash into 20 other people all around you.

i got a postcard in the mail today from festive from when she was in england ^_^ even says happy birthday in it, hehe ^_^ i’ve only got one birthday card from extended family so far. ;-; *goes to write pap-pap a thank-you note, which is one of the things he’s been wanting to do but too busy to do*

once i write that, i’ve got to pack up my stuff for the weekend…

OTAKON INFO: reach me at 443-223-0249 if you want to meet up. ^_^ i’ll be staying in the wyndham with zenmetsu and stueypark and dan’s brother “davers”. if you see someone with a 3-foot long contraption on their head, that’s me. if you see someone in a lupin costume, that might be me. i don’t know what days i’ll wear what costumes on yet. i’ll wear the arm on sunday, but as for friday and saturday i don’t know what i’ll wear on which days. jesidres, are you still planning on going as haruko on one day? ^_^

i’ll try to check lj later today and tonight (i’m spending tonight at dan’s place) to see if anyone who is going has replied, or you could text message me at that phone number with the info.


right. i think that’s about it. going to take stu to the light-rail station in about 15 minutes or so, then i’ll come back here, get my stuff ready, and then i’ll be meeting the family at my aunt and uncle’s place to visit for dinner.