#1990 – got wa?

i keep forgetting that the umbc library is, well, a library. and not just another place to go on the internet or look up articles or type up reports or study. i was in the library today doing my reading of articles for my reports to hand in at my japan class tomorrow when i remembered that i wanted to read sometime the book “you gotta have wa”, so i made a mental note to reserve it from the county library sometime. then i remembered that i was in a library just then, so i searched it out and found it, and also found another book by the same author called “tokyo underworld” which looked interesting because it’s about gangsters in japan, hehehe…

tom is going to come over probably sometime tomorrow to give me his present and we’re going to go to the navy band performance if it’s not raining, gotta paper-maché a robot arm this week for my naota / kanchi costume for otakon with stueypark and zenmetsu and davers this friday-sunday, i’m going to go to the o’s game next friday with shortieterp to boo the yankees, and feisty_fitz‘s friend emily (from this post a few days ago) and i are probably going to go to the beach for a night and a day that weekend, maybe hang out at her place monday to watch a movie, and go to the o’s game on tuesday. wahoo ^_^