#1985 – retreat

so i just finished taking a shower, and as i was drying off (contain yourselves, ladies!) one of the cats thought it would be a good idea to get my attention by taking my shirt that was lying on the floor and pulling it under the door. bad cats! they’re out to get me. i know it.

i’m waiting for my brothers to pick me up on the way to retreat, so while i’m waiting i’m eating a “super-duper sandwich”. i blame you, john troutman! soon as they get here i’m out for the weekend, and when i return i’ll be 21! hooray! XD we do neat stuff like plan the events for the fall (yay.), maybe do some capture-the-flag (yay!), maybe go to the beach (yay!!), and go eat all-you-can-eat-crabs until brew river runs out and kicks us out of the restaurant (yay!!!)!

if you need to get in contact with me, poke my cell at 443-223-0249.