#1983 – crackers

i was trying to fetch crackers the cat out of the basement so she wouldn’t run around there all night and barf up whatever cats barf up and generally make a mess in there, and so i wouldn’t forget and lock the cats in the basement by accident over the weekend. i thought it’d be relatively simple – just run downstairs, call out “craaaaaacckkkeerrrrs” a few times, pick her up and carry her upstairs. no dice. she wanted to play slippery eel and run around the basement and into the workshop and under the workbench and out of the workshop and up the stairs and down the stairs (i had closed the door so the other cats wouldn’t go down) and under the beds and down the workshop and in my bedroom and under my bed and under the dresser.

i eventually got fed up and went upstairs and got the canopener (thinking i could run around and crank the crank on the canopener and it’d be just like the pied piper of hameln! but with cats instead of rats!)… gizmo looked at me funny and had his tail in the shape of a question mark as i went downstairs with the opener. that didn’t work, either… crackers just ran all over the place and drove me nuts. i eventually gave up and just left the door open. 😛

i was just looking through the itunes music store and saw that they had exculsive stuff by this band from denmark called “junior senior”, so i watched this music video of theirs, and their stuff is catchy! and the music video is pretty funny! it looks like old old nintendo graphics doing the background animations that you see in dance dance revolution.

time for another load for the wash…