#1981 – tang

thanks to feisty_fitz i’ve got a “batglenn” icon. or that’s me with airplane pilot’s “goggles”. either is a pretty good description, hehe…

speaking of pilot’s goggles, i wonder when the weather will be good on a day that i can go up for my introductory flight?

the family left this morning to go to massachusetts, and i went to my japan class (most of the class was boring today, but then we talked about tatami mats and weddings and the tea ceremony and that was kind of neat. not as neat as when we talked about manga the other day, though). had a blt when i came home and it tasted fantastic. i’ve also been drinking sunny delight today like nobody’s business (well, it’s only because we didn’t have any soda or purple stuff! and i wasn’t in the mood for milk)… it used to give me headaches something fierce, but now it doesn’t. weird. it does remind me now of tang. tang was great! and the commercials had orangutans in them! everything’s better with monkeys!

wonder what i should make for dinner… hm… the cats are pestering me because they’re all lonely now. i’m not going to eat the cats for dinner though because i like cats and they’re cute when they pester me (especially gizmo).

pap-pap sent me a check $20 for my birthday – i’ll cash it at the bank tomorrow when i deposit some of my paycheck. ^_^

gotta do my laundry and pack up stuff for tomorrow…

i know these are HUGE mp3s, but the songs are long. and i think they’re fantastic, at least:

“roundabout”, yes (10 MB, 8’37”)

“heart of the sunrise”, yes (13.2 MB, 11’28”)