#1980 – flood

just look at that forecast. i’m half expecting to see animals walking two-by-two to a boat somewhere when i go to my japan class tomorrow. hopefully it won’t rain much – the rest of the family is going up to a wedding in new england over the weekend, and they’re leaving tomorrow morning, so i’ll be home by myself tomorrow night, going to work friday morning, and then going on my fraternity retreat over the weekend. i’ll have to remember to pick the stuff off my floor tomorrow so if the basement (where my room is) floods while we’re all out for the weekend then i won’t have to worry about my stuff getting ruined. ^^;;

stueypark and i were reading my old lupin manga earlier… i need to get the latest two volumes at otakon… ^_^ stueypark and zenmetsu and “davers” and i are going to be staying at the wyndham… stu’s going up thursday night to pick up his pre-reg materials and crash with friends that night, and i’m going to crash at dan and dave’s. dan closes that night, so maybe i’ll drive out to his tower records and meet him there. maybe we can get a bottle of さけ for the con! or not XD;

i’m thinking about replacing my

and my

icons because i don’t really use them… *thinks up ideas for replacements…*

of course if anyone has any ideas of their own and wants to draw / make me icons for these two slots feel free. ^_^;