#1979 – stuck in a rut

so this morning i got to work on time – that’s what happens when i leave 5 minutes early i suppose. usually when i get held up at the traffic light leaving annapolis i end up 10-15 minutes late to work ^^;; work was ok, though… sold about 7 computers to people, and one of the sales was 3 computers to one guy for his office on campus. i told my bosses that it was times like this that i wished i was paid on comission, haha. work went slow, though. at least now i’ve got a schedule for the rest of the month.

at least on the way home i got to freak out drivers on the highway while i listened to the 1812 overture – put a song like that on, blast the volume, and start waving your arms wildly and soon it’s as if you’ve got the entire highway to yourself! everyone’s just following at a respectful distance, haha… you get the same effect if you dance along with one hand to “ale japan” too. (stueypark just told me the para-para all-stars are going to be at otakon this year, so i may have to film them doing “ale japan” as i can’t find any video clips of it online! but then he also said “what are people going to think when a guy puts up a para-para paradise webpage?”, so if i put it up i’m putting his email in as contact info, muhahaha…)

i was lazy and hungry since i’m broke and payday isn’t until friday so i didn’t go to the library to do my research after work and just came straight home. i’ll do it tomorrow after my japan class and slide it under sensei’s door or something – it’s not due until next tuesday, but she didn’t want to get all the reports at once.

if there’s one thing that being a temporary employee has spoiled me on is getting a paycheck every week. i don’t care for this wait every other week to get money business. 😛

itunes is complaining it can’t find some of my mp3s even though they’re still in the same place – i think it’s getting senile. ^^;;

i was eating some of these dinner mints earlier like they were candy! oh, wait… ^_^;

mp3s for today:

“candy”, dance dance revolution 6th mix (1.7 MB)

“ale japan”, para-para paradise (1.5 MB)