#1977 – helps

uggh, i don’t think i should have had all that tea… x_x or taken that long nap earlier… i’m not tired but i’ve got to get up for work around 9. how much do you want to bet my boss still hasn’t made a schedule for this week? haha…

i was talking with dan earlier about music video making, and i just realized i’ve got 2 projects either in the works or just getting started (3 if you count the SUPER GIANT AKIRA PINK FLOYD MUSIC VIDEO that i’ve been planning for a year). i really ought to watch the tutorial dvd that came with my copy of final cut express, hm… right now i’m pretty much just muddling my way through it.

speaking of the pink floyd music vid, sometimes i’m tempted to post a thing about it on the forums asking people if they want to help out, but then again i kind of want to do the entire thing all by myself. it’d help to have more (and better skilled) people working on it because i want to see what could make it look really great, but – getting back to me doing it by myself – i don’t necessarily want things to match up perfectly to beats all the time, or do proper transitions… i want it to be more of what i’m thinking of when i hear the album (think it’ll look trippy, anyone? especially after i have some sugar!). it’d be great if some of the clips i want to use were a bit longer though (or at least allowed me to get it to loop and not have the effect be noticible). long clips can always be sped up and it may not look too bad – short clips look out of place more often than not when you slow them down to fit, though.

know what also helps? plugging in the cable for your pda when you’re trying to sync it… hah hah hah. -_-; i ought to get a new usb hub for this computer since i accidentally fried the old one (long story). and after all that plugging in my pda doesn’t want to sync. a restart to the computer should help fix things up, but i’m lazy now and don’t feel like putting that much work in it. i’ll fix things up after work tomorrow.

that reminds me: mental note – go to the library on campus after work tomorrow and do the work on the articles to hand in at japan class tomorrow. (today in japan class we learned about floral arranging – it’s all scientific and calculated… the books on it have all sorts of wireframe diagrams! – the guy i worked with and i finished ours in 3 minutes and helped out two girls with theirs. sensei told other people after the 30 minutes were up that their arrangements could have used some more work, but the one that we did that took 3 minutes? fantastic, of course. sensei also got mad that most of the class came in between 9:00 – 9:10 am when the class starts at 9, so she marked all the people that weren’t there at 9 absent for the day. grrr.)

only 4 more days (well, 5 if you count today – wednesday) until my 21st birthday, and 9 days until otakon. wahoo! i guess i’ll cosplay as lupin again (YES AGAIN 😛 even though this makes like… what… 5 cons? at least!) since any other ideas i won’t be able to get ready in time. *sigh*

or maybe i’ll cut two eyeholes in a bag, write on it “I AM A GUNDAM” and put it over my head!