#1973 – full of surprises

i won the green dragon creations (they make games for the mac) “haiku challenge” contest a few months ago with the longest haiku… you had to write a haiku about macs and/or games to be entered, and the prizes were all the original games that they’ve made.

since their games will work on os x but were originally written for older system software i figured that anne could use these games best so i told them to ship the stuff to anne. she wasn’t expecting it at all. i’m so sneaky. XD it arrived today – now all she needs is a new monitor to replace her broken one so she can go back to using her computer again… ^^;;

i may have to sneak-thievery the game “riot” away from her and make her think it’s just a bunch of tiddlywinks, though… ^_^;;

feisty_fitz‘s friend emily and i may be hanging out sometime over the next few weeks – she’s 20 and thinks i’m hot XD awesome XD