#1968 – solo necesito un… CUCHI CUCHI

feisty_fitz and i went to artscape today – i wanted to see los amigos invisibles and thievery corporation. we took the light rail into baltimore and found a good spot for our seats… both bands were going to be on the same stage with only one band in between, so this way we could just stay in one spot and see everything we wanted to.

the stage was set up in a parking lot facing a hill so it was an ad-hoc ampitheater. when we first arrived some band called “cyro baptista & beat the donkey” was on stage, and i did not care for them at all. it was as if frank zappa decided to toss out all his instruments except his percussion section, become crappy, have a love child with blue man group, and that love child turned out to be a dirty vagrant hippy. no good.

speaking of frank zappa, we celebrated my birthday today since we’re all going to be away next weekend (PLZ DONT ROB MY HOUSE KTHX) look what anne got me for my birthday: a pirate! and i thought of frank zappa when i saw him, hehe…

anyways, so we saw the end of the crappy band, and then los amigos invisibles came on stage. see what i mean? the view from our seats wasn’t that bad (excellent, actually, since it was a free concert!). we set up on the edge of the hill so anyone sitting in front of us wouldn’t block our way since they’d be on the slant of the hill. los amigos invisibles are from venezuela, and i noticed these fans of theirs in the crowd wearing a bunch of stuff in venezuelan colors. also saw this guy dancing around wearing a shirt advertising “BIG BOYZ BAIL BONDS”, lol.

after they finished, we saw this group called afro celts go up and take the stage, where it’s a bunch of different styles of music from around the world combined into one… fiddles, bagpipes, flutes, and a few different types of drums. they were really really good! as they played i noticed three of the guys (center of pic) from los amigos invisibles sit on the grass and watch the band.

i also got to put TEH HAWT CHIX SPYCAM to use when i noticed this girl who was an AMAZING dancer and had incredible hair dance around by the front of the stage. *_* too bad i have no backbone and could never bring myself to talk to anyone like that, much less try to ask them for their phone number… *sniffle* ;-;

then thievery corporation came on, but it was too dark to take pictures. they were pretty good, but after a while they start to put me to sleep 😛 two of kelly’s friends arrived to watch with us since they really like thievery corporation too.

afterwards we took the light rail back home where we had birthday stuff for me here and i got my pirate. XD i’ll have to bring it with me to mouse_the_drunk and leahkitty‘s pirate-party in a month… XD

got all the pics from today up here, and movies of different things we saw here (the sound in some movies aren’t that great because they didn’t skimp on the bass at the shows, but for the most part they’re pretty good. and the first vid in there is by stueypark of me and kelly acting silly in the car while mom and dad and anne were in the grocery store getting stuff for the birthday celebration we had tonight… the music in it was on the radio and i think it suits this vid, lol).