#1954 – this coming weekend

i think that this weekend (when i’m not flying around for my birthday present! going to the airport for my introductory flight on saturday morning! ^___^) i’m going to go to artscape in baltimore. it’s free! and i found out where to get free parking! rock out, since i have just under $6 in my bank account (my bank took $20 out for a line of credit payment a week earlier than i expected… i was going to see a movie with shortieterp yesterday, but when i found out about the withdraw i didn’t want to take any money out because of a loan check that i wrote last week that got cashed today, so she ended up taking me out to dinner. how nice of her. ;-; i paid the tip, though XD;).

at first i wasn’t thinking about going, but then i saw the insert from the newspaper listing some of the bands there and the band “los amigos invisibles” caught my eye – i had heard some of their stuff on the radio a long time ago and downloaded some of their mp3s and they’re really good. after reading through the insert there’s now 5 or 6 bands i want to go see, lol:

– al green (r&b)

– los amigos invisibles (latin rock)

– thievery corporation (electronica)

– o’malley’s march (irish rock)

– blues traveller (blues/rock… at the same time as al green too… gotta make up my mind which to see)

– preservation hall jazz band (new orleans jazz! i love new orleans jazz! you’d love it too! XDD!!!!)

i’m really starting to love belle & sebastian… this is the only mp3 i have by them – gotta find more… *_*

here’s some latin songs for ya:

los amigos invisibles

cuchi cuchi (4.3 MB)

ponerte en 4 (5.2 MB)

sexy (3.9 MB)

som três

homenagem a mongo (4.9 MB)

trio mocotó

os orixás (4.8 MB)