#1953 – feels weird

well, i set my keyboard up… final cut express came with two sheets of these clear stickers that you can stick on your keyboard to remember what the shortcut keys are (since just about ALL the keys are shortcuts)… one of the sheets was clear with white text, and the other was clear with black text (so you could choose the one to contrast with your keyboard best).

i cleaned my keys with rubbing alcohol and mom got me a can ‘o air that i used to clean out the cracks in the keyboard before stuck it all on and now it feels weird when i type. i’ve got the keyboard memorized so i don’t have to worry about not seeing the letters (you can see the letters through the stickers, but it’s hard to see some of them).

see? that’s not dust on the keys with the adhesives, that’s just what it looks like when it’s all stuck on. the only thing that it annoys me with my typing now is i have to look for the home row before i start typing… these things covered up the little bumps on the F and J keys. 😛

oh, and bigbigtruck‘s nekocon poster artwork is amazing. mmm… catgirls. :P~~~~~~ <- drool