#1952 – not called express for nothing

i was thinking today on the way home from school (we learned about traditional japanese dancing and music today, sensei dressed up two girls and one guy in traditional clothes, and we did some folk-dancing) about how i sent away for a free copy of final cut express and how it would be neat if it arrived soon.

“nah,” i thought… “usually stuff like that takes 4-6 weeks to get in the mail”

check the mail at home, no final cut express.

but then i was just sitting here at the computer when i heard someone in the sunroom and saw them walk down the driveway. went to the front window and saw the ups truck, so i went to the sunroom and saw my copy had arrived XD

now if i’d only get the free polaroid camerabag that i ordered 12 years ago when i got a polaroid camera for my birthday i’d be set… XD;