#1942 – a thrilling baseball game

so today tom came by around 10 am, and we went off to the baseball game. got to the park around 11, picked up our tickets, and waited for the park to open at 11:30. filed in, got our bobbleheads, tom got a hot dog, and we waited for the rest of the park to open at noon so we could get to our seats.

we sat in section 84 (and in 3D!) – left field, lower deck, 6 rows from the wall. tom brought his camera so he took pictures throughout the game. it’s really not bad seats out there – that’s one of my favorite places to sit. ^_^

the game was very thrilling – it had everything that you could hope to see at a baseball game but might not (news report 1 / news report 2)… it had (in no particular order):

– a grand slam

– a hit batter who had to be taken out of the game

– home team wins

– a hair-raising 9th inning

– a pitcher that was taken out right after being put in and walking one guy

– a spectator taken out for running around with a cape and a broom for the series “sweep”

– you get the idea…

the only thing that would have made it more thrilling would be a bench-clearing brawl or a drunk fan running out onto the field. after melvin mora was hit in the face with a pitch we hoped that both sides would come charging out en masse…. XD

in the 8th inning the score was 0 to 7, but between the 8th and 9th innings the angels almost won by making the final score 6 to 7. one of the almost-homers by the angels bounced off the wall in front of us (about 10-15 feet away). i watched the sports results on two stations (local news and espn) and didn’t see that play on tv. too bad… i bet we would have been in the shot and it would have been easy to see me on tv in my yellow-orange charlie brown shirt and my orange floppy beerhat.

at least today i wore suntan lotion and my hat kept my face from being in the sun – i was already burnt enough as-is. ^_^;