#1941 – half the weekend gone

so friday i had my final exam… not sure how well i did (it was more difficult than the sample final exams from the past that the professor gave us to study), but if my grade software on my handspring is correct i can even get a D on the final and pass the course. the accuracy of the software is another matter, though ~_^ the good thing is when i take calculus in the fall i’m going to have the same professor i had for this class. carrie said that this was the last time she was being a teachers’ assistant at umbc, which is very disappointing… she was the best math assistant i’ve had. ;_; she will be missed. ^^;

so i get home from the final and tom messages me asking what i was doing this weekend, and i told him about my baseball game idea, and he said that it was a good idea and wanted to go too. he also wondered if i wanted to go see “bad boys ii”, but i don’t really want to see it. he wondered what zenmetsu was up to, and i knew he was working and i thought he was closing at his store, so i drove to tom’s place and we went out to dan’s store to surprise him but found he already left. when we called dan we found out pete was hanging out at his place, so we went to dan’s place and hung out for a little bit before going to blockbuster and renting “old school” (dan and i both agreed that mandy moore is of the HAWT CHIX variety, and that jewel is starting to look like an 80s punker… which isn’t necessairily a bad thing, i say XD). tom fell asleep in the middle, and dan and i agreed that while it had its moments it wasn’t that great. since it was rather late by then and i had to get to umbc between 8 – 8:30 am, i wasn’t able to meet up with shortieterp. ;_; maybe some other time… ^^;;

today i went with don and tony and carol and sam and karen (fraternity brothers and girlfriends) to king’s dominion… got there around 11, hung out, went in the water park (i left my bathing suit at home so i bought one there since i didn’t know where the one i have at home has gone, hehe – it was only $13), went on the rebel yell, the grizzly, and the volcano. lots of fun, and that was probably the most amount of different roller coasters i’ve been on in a day, haha. the girls made high-pitched screams on the coasters, and don and i went “HEYOOOOO” and sounded like ed mcmahon. XD; the water park was neat since we hung out in the wave pool and went on the lazy river (one of the lifeguards on that passed out so they had direct us all off early o_o;), and walking around the park gave many opportunities to ogle various girls walking around. mmm. bathing suits. good times. >XD i saw a girl that looked suspiciously like ginnyseta too. only bad thing about the trip was the long drive there and back. and the incredibly bad sunburn i’m going to get on my face – it’s all red now. ;-; oh well.

watching dr who right now, and there’s some samurai sort of guy in this second half of “trial of a time lord”. o_o; speaking of samurais, i got my japanese culture class book in the mail today, and it’s in excellent condition. not exactly new, but the only giveaways that it’s used are the “used” sticker on the side, the contact-paper covering on the book, and some highlighting in the book. ^_^

gotta find my baseball glove and get to bed… ^_^