#1937- never returned

well, i got to school at 8 am as the library opened, but turned out the last person who checked out the book never returned it (they’re supposed to have it out a max of 2 hours). so it looks like i’ll have to try getting it after my math class and see if it was returned between 8 am – 3:20 pm, and then read through it and do the work for the chapter we covered today as well as the next chapter.

these library keyboards suck. stupid space-bar is half broken and very lopsided. also my left leg is bothering me (was bothering me yesterday too) – it’s feeling very sore. my guess is it’s from constantly driving back-and-forth in the car between home and school.

i’ll talk about my class and some funny things that happened in it when i get home tonight. it was a very fun class today. but tonight also i’ve got to study for my math final i’m having tomorrow…